About Us

Choosing the right Home Inspector for your future home can be scary and difficult. Inspectors use different techniques, equipment, experience and reports.

We like to keep the home inspection process simple and encourage you and your family to be present during the time of inspection. We will go over items with you as there are found and provide you with a more detailed report in writing.

We focus on major defects in the home. We are inspecting for items that are dangerous and can harm you or even kill you. We are also inspecting for items that may potentially bankrupt you.

When my wife and I purchased our first home I was fascinated by all of the things I did not see that can potentially go wrong. We eventually found the right home but I learned so much from this process.

After attending many inspections I decided to become an NJ Home Inspector. I knew that I can identify defects immediately; it has become part of me. I attended school for Home Inspectors in New Brunswick NJ and finished at the top of my class.

Although most people are only focused on the cosmetic items in the house we will draw your attention to what’s most important and that’s your family safety and financial peace of mind.

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Thank you,

Kam A. Mourino